Thursday, January 05, 2006

Punning in Spanish

As far as I know puns are not as common in Spanish as they are in English. If anyone can provide evidence that I'm mistaken, I'd like to be corrected.
The first Spanish pun I can recall is the answer to "How many stars are in the sky?" Answer: "Sin cuenta", which sounds the same as "cinquenta". The first means, literally, "without count", while the latter is "50".

Since I am an inveterate punster I frequently find myself playing with Spanish words in a way that few hispanics seem to appreciate. Recently we had a scam in the area where people were sucked into purchasing tins of Nescafe which when the buyers opened them, they discovered they were filled with sawdust, which is not coffee, or in Spanish "No es cafe". This led me to invent the following lable which could have turned the scam product into something legitimate.

Parody of Nescafe

This is my creation, I grant anyone the right to reproduce this on the internet as long as there is a link back to this blog.


hdoong said...

hi. wow, this is really true! From now on, this will pop into my head whenever i order Nescafe!

funster said...

though the mention of nescafe in my blog was of minimal importance its doen a good thing by introducing me to a espanol cum english blog, though i'm more a fun-ster than a pun-ster may be i can pick that art from you on our blogging way. good work.