Thursday, October 06, 2005

Comments on Beating Cancer

I'm beginning to think that I've become a Cancer Beater.

I realize that I could simply be fooling myself and looking for ways to justify what others might call a foolish decision to reject the traditional medical doctors' approach to treating the diagnosis which I was handed last July, but a recent article by Michael Masterson (Beating Cancer: Does Early Detection Help?) adds to my aresenal of arguments that I made the right choice.

In summary, his article argues that much of the current belief that modern medicine has been making great improvements in the treatment of cancer through early dection is absolutely false.

He presents stong arguments for the following conclusions:

  • First, we have to recognize that much of what we take for granted in modern medicine is simply false.

  • Second, we have to recognize that a number of widely practiced medical treatments have no medical basis and may not have any beneficial effect ... except to fatten doctors' wallets.

  • Third, we must accept responsibility for our own health. And that means not relying on what we are told just because the government, the AMA, or some other "trustworthy" institution says it's so.

If you have any concerns about cancer as it affects you or anyone close to you I'd highly suggest you read this article.

Beating Cancer: Does Early Detection Help?

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