Friday, January 06, 2006

Am I being taken for a ride?

Some people might skoff and say I'm be played as a fool. I know that what I'm trying is unconventional, and I have my own doubts, but when you've been subjected to over 4 years of chronic suffering, sometimes you are prepared to try ANYTHING to eçsee if you can find relief.

Traditional medicine doesn't offer me any hope. Specialists tell me that I have a degenerated spine and that all I can do is accept the fact, take pain killers to control my discomfort and learn to live with the condition. Maybe there are some people who would accept this diagnosis and not try anything else, but to me that is about the same as rolling over and waiting for the grim reaper to make his appearance.

So, I've been receiving osteopathic treatments, bee stings, acupuncture and other non traditional procedures which seem to have aided. Now, I've been subjected to a new therapy in the quest to deal with my chronic back pain.

In simple terms, I was given a foot bath in a saline solution which had a low voltage electrical current running through it.

In 1/2 hour the color of the water changed from crystal clear to the color of dark apple juice, or strong urine.

Apparently this treatment is supposed to remove toxins from one's body through a dialysis process via the feet.

So far I can't claim any great benefits or noticable changes in my body, or health. All I did notice, and it was impressive was the change in color of the water.

Some people have reported considerable benefit from this. I am still somewhat skeptical, but if you're curious to learn more about the process you can find it described on the following web page:

Detox Online - How it Works - The Truth:.

How is this supposed to help my back. The theory is this:
My back is a reflection of problems in other part of my body because of the nerve endings in my spine. Pain there is a symptom of other problems.

The detoxification through my feet is supposed to help remove toxic waste which had accumulated in my body, including a quantity of heavy metals. As these toxins are removed other organs will recover and the pain which is being transmitted to my back will diminish and eventually disappear.

Why would I believe this? Well so far, other things, recommened by my Naturopath, such as bee-stings have helped, so I'm inclined to give this a try because he recommends it. Will it work? Only time and experience will tell but I'd rather try this instead of pumping my body full of drugs some of which may have disasterous side affects in spite of their having been "approved" by the FDA or other regulatory agencies which are supposed to look out for our well being but which seem to only help big pharmaceutical firms line their pockets.


fooDcrazEE said...

sorry to hear ur condition! Tried acupuncture yet ?

Take care

jf said...

Yes I have tried acupuncture and it has been of some help. So far though, I think the most noticable results have come from bee stings placed on the acupuncture points. This, of course, is a combination of techniques which, I believe, is the most logical way to treat or solve any problem. I don't believe any one solution is the ONLY solution, and perhaps the best one is likely to be a combined one.