Monday, May 30, 2011

You’re Wrong Fred!

wonderwoman Fred Reed is an interesting blogger and he doesn’t shy away from taking on controversial topics, but in his blog which he calls A Polity of Castrati he argues that women are purely consumers of what men produce.

Actually, on the surface, the arguments he presents are quite convincing, but I believe he is missing an essential point:  That women’s role in most of the world today is a cultural distinction, not one which is determined by the essential nature of women.

He spends considerable time developing the idea that women do not produce the things which make our lives and civilization as a whole what it is to day, the implication being that they are not capable of doing so.

I’m wondering, however, if in many areas, if there aren’t achievements or discoveries which women have made that he has overlooked and that perhaps our whole society doesn’t easily recognize.

I agree wholeheartedly with the observation that women are essentially different from men.  They are physically different and I’ve little doubt that these physical differences don’t lead to some differences in the way that they think and act.

In his conclusion Fred seems to imply that his country is being feminized right up to the governing level and seems to be dubious over the future prospect over that happening.

I do agree with some of his observation that many affirmative action laws and similar actions have produced some strange and undesirable results, but I think he is missing the point when he fears for the future because of women’s role in government.

I would agree with the assertion that gender equality, just for equality’s sake is not a good policy.  Women should be allowed to do what they do best, and men what they do best and people must be given the freedom to choose the best person for whatever they want done based on who can perform best … not on some arbitrary formula dreamed up by someone who believes that everything should be homogenous.

It is not so much women’s role in government which is producing the problems that loom in the world today, it is the nature of government itself – regardless of who (or what sex) it is comprised of.

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