Thursday, March 03, 2011

A luxurious trip

de lujo-dubai
This image is an ad promoting a casino in Chile which was giving away a luxurious trip to Dubai. 

I saw  a billboard with this ad on a highway when I visited Chile and started thinking:  What's so special about a trip to Dubai?

Of course the opulent luxury in Dubai hotels and things which have been built in that country but apart from seeing what people with virtually unlimited funds can buy, I wonder anyone would get out of a trip there.

Certainly there is a lot of appeal to winning such a trip, but if a person isn’t in any position to be able to afford such opulence to begin with what would they get out of being exposed to it and being given a taste of it first hand?

Would this experience be satisfying to that person or would it create a feeling of resentment or longing for something which is so far out of their reach? 

Or perhaps, it might stimulate them to return to their normal surroundings and begin to splurge on luxuries which they couldn’t afford in the first place to try to prolong the illusion that they experienced in winning such a trip.

If, out of the blue, someone came up to me and offered me such a trip, I don’t think I’d hesitate in accepting it, but I know that I’m not likely to visit a casino (which I seldom do anyway) in the hopes that I might be the lucky winner.

From a purely marketing point of view, I would be curious to know how this promotion worked out in comparison to other campaigns which they’ve run to attract donations to their purse.

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